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Welcome to the Jembetat Gallery

My first view of Africa was as a young Peace Corps volunteer from 1989-1991. I lived and worked with subsistence farmers in Sub-Saharan Senegal West Africa helping with gardening and reforestation projects. The service was challenging; dealing with drought, poverty, and other hardships. However the warmth, love and determination of the Senegalese is what I remember the most.

The quest for Authentic tribal art has led me across the Sub-Saharan desert and Forests of Western and Central Africa. In the last 21 years I have endured sickness and Malaria (many times), raced across war torn areas by motorcycle and endured the harshest conditions in search of the most beautiful art Africa has to offer.

Our present collection features objects from West, Central, and East Africa. The beauty of Tribal art is alive in ritual masks, bronze figures, statues and fetishes used in ceremonies and rites of passage. Wooden bowls, beadwork, leather objects and other utilitarian objects offer a glimpse into the daily life and culture of people few of us will ever know. The extensive collection represents the mystery, beauty and simplicity of African Art which has inspired artists and collectors from Picasso to present day.

The Gallery is currently in its 21th year and we welcome you to visit us in Rochester, NY or our new Gallery in Pittsford NY.

Robert Ament


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